Well, my wish list has changed.  A couple of days ago I paid a visit to PT Tuning to have a strange noise in my exhaust looked at.  Seems a clamp was tightened improperly and they took care of me on the spot.  I also had the opportunity to drive one of PT Tuning's hot-rodded Cruisers; a full panel conversion with a Whipple Supercharger and a handling package that made this thing corner like a go-kart!  Amazing. 

I had to do something about the handling of my car...NOW!  No matter how minor an improvement, I just had to.  So I picked up a BTG polished strut tower brace while I was there and installed it this morning.  Only took about an hour (surprised the heck out of me!) and it definitely improves the cars turn-in and tightens up the front end.

I now have my sights on Stage 1.








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